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Perhaps it's the love of a family life, the current demand for social media,  and maybe it's because there is only 24 hours in the day (that luthier John Guilford would rather use to make make your next guitar) such that Updates to this page will happen now only on occassion. For the most current information, follow John Guilford on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. He gets a hall pass  a few times a year and looks forward to seeing you at the next trade show! Maybe it's time to write the long awaited auto biography......."An American Tale of Independent Luthiery" by John Guilford on bookstore shelves near you.

February 2013

Bob has been at it again!

Guilford Guitars is proud to sponsor an evening with Graham Parker and the Rumour.  The location is ArtsQuest Center at Steelstacks  in Bethlehem,PA. You could WIN a pair of free tickets and a meet and greet with Graham Parker!

Visit for more details and ticket information.


December 2012
I had a great opportunity to see Graham Parker and the Rumour in Chicago just before the end of US tour. As a builder, there isn't anything better than seeing a Guilford guitar live in front of a packed house. It makes the long hours of toil melt away. I'm excited to announce that we're working on a new Graham Parker Guard model and we're taking orders now.

April 2012
Guilford Guitars met with Ted Nugent just prior to the Dallas Guitar show in Ardmore, OK. this evening.
Two days earlier, a custom Guilford guitar was in Ted's hands and we were seeking his comments about his new guitar.
Ted just happened to be in the national news and was interviewed earlier that day by the Secret Service.
Ted explained the guitar was  $@&# Gonzo!

March 2012
Guilford Guitars is pleased to partner with Woodworkers Shop for an Expo that will be very informative for guitar lovers and woodworkers et al.  It is going to be THE cool thing to do on that day - don't miss it.

June 2011
Guilford Guitars is happy to announce we are adding select new dealers. Welcome Guitarsland Japan and The Music Emporium in Altoon, PA.

Guilford Guitars would like to thank Joe Bonamassa and crew (David/Warren) for an opportunity to show Joe three Guilford Models before his show last night in Peoria.  He made a B-line for the table (like any true guitar nut would) and drew the crowd over.  He was impressed by the quality - said the guitars all had a nice resonance and he liked the road cases too! Thank you for that, Joe - it was an honor. Guilford Guitars would also like to invite anyone in range to come out to the Dallas International Guitar Festival in April and stop by the booth.  There is a great show planned and we'll see you all there.

October 2010
Guitar International interviews John Guilford:

May 2010
With Dallas behind us there is time to carefully craft the next fine guitars of 2010.  Looking back on those few days, it truely was a dream come true.  With a strong team, beautiful guitars, endorsees performing and shining brightly, meeting terrific people it could not have been better in my eyes. Thanks to everyone, I am one happy luthier. God is great, all the time and his love is indeed beyond measure.  Jimmy Wallace is tops - "Guitar Church" on Sunday is the ticket I'm tellin ya!  Look for Guilford Guitars in print and at the January NAMM show 2011.

March 2010
All sights are set on  the Dallas International Guitar Festival.  I'm a shop zombie for the next month making guitars - see you all there.   It will be novel I have no doubt.  All Guilford endorsees will be on hand in the booth as well as nightly performances.  Thanks to Matt Blackett - Guitar Player Editor - you didn't have to put us on your top five list from 2010 NAMM but you did and we thank you.

January 2010
The NAMM show went very well. As expected, the best things happened after the show closed! We are pleased to be working with dUg Pinnick (King's X), Damon Johnson(Alice Cooper, Whiskey Falls, Brother Cain)on new models. Gary Hooker (Brad Paisley) is thinking carefully about what his Guilford Guitar will be, I'm very excited about the possibilites. We are Honored to have such terrific players to build for.
The Ty Tabor Model is taking off very well and we've got a new thing coming for Steve Blaze (Lillian Axe).  Next up, Dallas Guitar Show in April. It is going to be a game changing event for us. Special Thanks go to Frank Falbo, Evan Skopp and Seymour of the Seymour Duncan Company. Thank you guys - you treated us like gold and you're the best! We are proud to feature your pickups in our guitars.

November 2009
Guilford Guitars would like to welcome Emma Music as a new dealer.  Located in France, they
have a newly updated show room and stage (800 seats).  We look forward to a long relationship
and good business.  Buyers in the UK and Germany as other parts of Europe will benefit from their
selection of Guilford Guitars. In other news, we are gearing up for the new year and have some terrific changes in store for the model lineup.  I would like to thank Peter Frampton for checking a guitar recently and we are producing a special guitar for Damon Johnson of Alice Cooper. 

August 2009
While the economy has been brutal, is has actually been good to us in a couple of ways. Our back log of old orders is now reduced to almost nothing and we have never been in a better position to build surplus guitars, take on new dealerships and work closely with you on custom orders. We are completely looking forward winter NAMM 2010, in Anaheim.  If you are considering a new Guilford Guitar, this is the absolute best time to jump in and get it started! Don't let new business extend your ETA out there longer than necessary!

July 2009
The summer NAMM show was our debut booth at the trade shows. It was great to support the industry and show all who came that a high quality, USA produced guitar manufacturer can still rise from nothing to prominence. We made our mark on Saturday when Ty Tabor announced his endorsement of Guilford Guitars in the booth with commentary and a brief demonstration as well as a rundown of his rig he uses live.  Steve Blaze also appeared and shredded it up with his new Blaze HSS model.  On a personal note, it was an honor for me to meet Sterling Ball of Ernie Ball/ Musicman.  He took some initiative and turned the cameras on us for a fun interview (we owe him a lot for that exposure).  His company is well established but he took the time to help and embrace a newcomer.  He is a true ambassador to the industry and we wish him and his organization all the best.  

April 2009
The Dallas guitar show was a success.  A booth is arranged for spring 2010 with a clinic on the main stage given by Ty Tabor - Dallas rocks!  Preparations are being made to attend the 2009 summer NAMM show in Nashville with guest visits from both Steve Blaze of (Lillian Axe, NLE, Angel) and Ty Tabor (King's X). Guilford Guitars has been blessed with some terrific momentum that will accelerate into 2010 and beyond.  Not a moment to waste - back in the shop for a new batch of necks.

January 2009
I've got the honor to announce that I am building a guitar for Ty Tabor of King's X. After checking out a handful of previous examples, he has settled on the specs and has expressed a willingness to use his first Guilford guitar as a replacement for his long time favorite. One of rock's most revered guitarists, Ty is known for his Killer tone and exceptionally good guitar playing.  His phrasing, sense of melody and note choice are second to none. Ty is a genuine, humble, down to earth individual who exhibits none of the trappings of a typical rock star. It is for those reasons that I am most proud and am blessed to be affiliated with him as a luthier and look forward to producing a guitar that we can both be proud of.

ETA - Mid February 2009. I gotta build one of these for myself! 

December 2008
Looking back on the year I have to say that it's been remarkable.  I've been blessed to be able to continue my luthiery in the most difficult of times.  I've produced guitars for some remarkable musicians.
I'm not one to revel in the glory - that belongs to God.  I am working on changes in the line for 2009 and
will present them on the website at years end.  Looking forward I am hopeful to produce a special guitar for Ted Nugent early next year - a Turkey Burst; don't laugh - he might end up calling in a gobbler in concert with it through the P.A.  Happy Holidays!

August 2008
Guilford Guitars would like to acknowledge an individual who has shown an aptitude for friendship and an impressive willingness to help market the Guilford Guitars brand.  This persons contributions have been nothing short of amazing and I am honored to mention his name - Chris Norch.  Thank you.

June 2008 
I am pleased to welcome Chesbro Music Co. to the Guilford Guitars family. As an independant dealership, they are a leader in the industry and have been since 1911.  We look forward to many years of growth in partnership.

January 2008 
I am pleased to announce that a guitar has been made for J5 currently with Rob Zombie.  He loves it and will be using it to play live.  Check it out.

December 2007
A guitar is being made for Tom Morello.  It will have some very unique 
features that Tom can use to further his creativity.

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