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 A builders Interview

"I have been playing since I was six years old. I have played every type and style of guitar made. John Guilford and I designed a guitar taking the best elements and features of everything I have played and heard. This guitar is not only amazing to play live but sounds amazing in the studio. If a player wants a guitar to last a lifetime and always be reliable, this is the one for you. If it wasn't, I wouldn't put my name on it."

~Steve Blaze, Lillian Axe

Steve Blaze was recently voted among the TOP 40 most under rated guitarists in the world by Guitar Player Magazine December 2007 issue page 43. Congratulations Steve!

If you are considering purchasing a Blaze model, the following interview will be of interest because it touches on the most critical points guitarists want to know about before they purchase!  Steve gives it to you straight 10 times over:

  1. Now that you've had a chance to play the Blaze model live and in the studio, how close does it come to meeting your expectations?
    The Blaze model actually exceeded my expectations. Every guitar I have either been given or purchased has been a work in progress. They needed tweaking and additional work to get them where I needed them. This guitar was perfect out of the case. John Guilford knows exactly what players are looking for, and he outdid himself on this one.
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  2. How do you like the Blackouts pickups?
    The Blackouts are high output yet very warm and enable me to get beautiful sustain and resonance without annoying feedback.
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  3. From a quality standpoint, compare the Blaze model to a PRS, Les Paul and other high end guitars.
    I have nothing but the utmost love and respect for PRS and Gibson guitars, but I must admit that the Blaze surpasses them in overall reliability, looks, and sound. When I switch from any other guitar to the Blaze model, there is a significant boost in volume and range.When John and I designed the guitar, we took the best characteristics of all the great guitars of our time and tried to enhance them.
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  4. How was the action when you first got it?
    The action was exactly how I wanted it. Low, yet no fret buzzing whatsoever. John understood exactly what I wanted.
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  5. Does it stay in tune?
    It stays in tune like a champ. It never goes out even after changing strings. I can change strings and be ready to play live in 5 minutes. The fine tuners on the Floyd Rose make it very simple for tuning discrepancies. And believe me, I have a ridiculously acute sense of hearing tuning dissidence.
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  6. Are there any deadspots on the neck?
    None at all. This neck is amazingly perfect.
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  7. How do you like the frets?
    The frets feel great. My hand feels in complete control . No aggravating places on the frets to make playing uncomfortable.
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  8. What do you think of the Shed neck option?
    The Shed neck is so cool. It feels like it has been played for years. Very smooth, warm and comfortable. It's a trade secret how he does it, but it works like a dream.
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  9. How do you like the electronics layout?
    I love the electronics layout. I designed it to where it was the easiest to get to the pickup selector, volume and tone knobs. That is a very important feature that most guitarists dont think about when selecting a guitar.
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  10. What would you say to someone interested in purchasing a Blaze model?
    Call John Guilford and talk to him. He has built the perfect guitar for the player who doesn't want to sacrifice looks for tone or sacrifice comfort for looks. This is a work of art that will endure the test of being on the road and still be reliable every single night. Not to mention it is aesthetically stunning. It sings when you play it, it is very light so it feels amazing on your neck, and it sounds like a wall of power. I am honored to put my name on it. It's something I would never do unless I wholeheartedly believed it to be the best.
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